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Tucker Sno-CatWe offer custom machining and repair services for a diverse range of products and applications. For more information on these or any other services, including pricing, please contact us directly.


Long TomWe enhance mining equipment such as slushers, winches, ore cars, mucking machines and drilling equipment, and we also manufacture and distribute new equipment such as Long Tom drill carriers.


Grapple We are proud to announce that we are an authorized Rotobec repair center specializing in rebuilding log clams. In addition to this, our facilities and staff have extensive experience in the repair and/or fabrication of chip conveyors, saw collars and mandrills, shafts and drives for debarkers and mills, screw conveyor augers, drive rolls, transfer tables, debarker heads, and numerous custom fabrications centered on the needs of today's modern mills.


BucketOur larger-than-average floor space and overhead crane capabilities make servicing and fabrication much simpler where larger pieces of construction equipment are involved. We are well-experienced at repairs to such items as tracks, hydraulic cylinders, gear boxes, and we have the capabilities to manufacture and supply different types of gears as required.